4 Ways Healthy Sites Generate Revenue

Here at Pro Site Check, we talk a lot about healthy sites and how to maintain one. For most people, just creating a website that works is a feat all by itself. But if you really want to stand out online - and get the results you want - you’ll need a site that looks great, functions easily, and offers value.

The biggest “outcome” most people want from their website is to generate revenue. This can be from e-commerce sales, blog affiliate links, booking more services or generating more sales calls. Whatever it means for your site to generate revenue, it starts by making sure your site is as healthy as possible.

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How Website Load Speed Affects Mobile & Desktop Usage

Think about the last time you tried to visit a website on your phone. Then think about the last website you visited on a desktop or laptop. Were the experiences very different?

Most people assume that visiting a site on a mobile device means slower load times and less reactive design, but they still expect results in 6 seconds or less. We all know that mobile devices are slower, but we are all frustrated when we can’t do something from a mobile device.

That’s exactly why you need to make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible on both mobile devices and desktops.

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