Onsite SEO - How to Review the Health of Your Current Site

When you’re doing an audit or review of your current website, there are two components that you or your webmaster will need to take into account: off-site SEO and onsite SEO.

Off-site SEO is the “reputation” you hold in cyberspace, or how many other sites refer to you with backlinks and references. This is harder to control because it relies on other sites finding your content reliable.

This is why we recommend focusing on onsite SEO first.

Importance of Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO, often called on-page SEO, is what you see and control on your actual website. As you probably know by now, SEO is search engine optimization and it focuses on:

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Why Broken Links Suck

How many times have you visited a website, seen a link that looked promising, clicked it… and then realized it didn’t work? You know that broken links are a letdown for you as a visitor, so why would you want YOUR visitors to experience that problem on your site?

But broken links do more than discourage people from using your site.

They actually affect things like:

- SEO ranking
- Bounce rate
- Search engine crawling

Your SEO ranking is determined by things like keywords, load time - and yes! - internal and external links. If you don’t have links that work, you may notbe on the first page of Google any time soon and you’ll certainly let down visitors. Your bounce rate shows many people leave your site after only visiting one page - you want a low bounce rate and high traffic for all of your pages!

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