3 Simple Tips for Maximizing Your ProSite Check Account

Now that you’ve signed up for ProSite Check (Welcome!), you definitely want to make sure you get the most out of it. Soon, you’ll be able to increase your website health, receive immediate notifications if there’s a problem, and create systems that help you track your site’s performance.

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of ProSite Check? We recommend learning how to:

- Create custom alerts

- Use secondary emails and multiple contacts

- Update content changes

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4 Ways Healthy Sites Generate Revenue

Here at Pro Site Check, we talk a lot about healthy sites and how to maintain one. For most people, just creating a website that works is a feat all by itself. But if you really want to stand out online - and get the results you want - you’ll need a site that looks great, functions easily, and offers value.

The biggest “outcome” most people want from their website is to generate revenue. This can be from e-commerce sales, blog affiliate links, booking more services or generating more sales calls. Whatever it means for your site to generate revenue, it starts by making sure your site is as healthy as possible.

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4 Ways to Get More URL Checks (For Free!)

With ProSite Check, you have a variety of options for URL checks and website monitoring. You can get one URL check totally free just by signing up, but that’s not enough for everyone. While some businesses only have one website, many others have multiple sites or URLs they want to monitor separately. This is especially true if you manage a website but also have a blog, or if your contact page is frequently crashing.

If you only monitor one URL, it should be the home page most of the time. This is because that is the highest value page you have, and likely the one that provides the most leads/conversions/sales for your business. If nothing else, it is certainly the one most people see! If you have multiple high value pages, you should definitely track them all. Doing so means you know how fast they load, if they’ve been hacked, and there won’t be any potentially costly downtime if something happens.

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How Website Load Speed Affects Mobile & Desktop Usage

Think about the last time you tried to visit a website on your phone. Then think about the last website you visited on a desktop or laptop. Were the experiences very different?

Most people assume that visiting a site on a mobile device means slower load times and less reactive design, but they still expect results in 6 seconds or less. We all know that mobile devices are slower, but we are all frustrated when we can’t do something from a mobile device.

That’s exactly why you need to make sure that your website loads as quickly as possible on both mobile devices and desktops.

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Increase Your Local SEO Audience with CityRank Pages

How many times have you performed a search for your website or business, only to realize that larger companies dominate the first page of search? Or what if you are a local business that has similar products to online stores, but you want users to find you in local searches?

That’s where local SEO comes in.

Importance of Local SEO

Keywords are one of the cornerstones of SEO, as you know. Without keywords inside your page’s copy and content, Google and other search engines won’t know to connect it with search queries.

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Welcome to ProSite Check

Welcome to ProSite Check, the site that helps you monitor your website’s speed, performance, and overall health. Thanks for signing up!

With our platform, you can:

- Perform URL checks

- Receive email and text alerts if your website hits a snag

- See how your website looks (and how fast it loads)

- Access historical data to see how your site has performed in the past

- Check for broken links

- And more!

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What is Link Building and Why is it Important?

The presence of links, both internal and external, is a great way to increase your SEO and search engine presence. Most of the time, though, links come secondary to content, design, and even site speed. All of these other components directly impact a visitor’s first impressions of your site, so we at Pro Site Check highly recommend focusing on them until you start seeing results.

Once your site is “stabilized” in terms of function and appearance, you’ll notice that it slowly creeps up in the search engine ranks. But if you’re not entirely satisfied with your SEO performance - or if you want to grow your website traffic exponentially - it is time to focus on link building.

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Why Broken Links Suck

How many times have you visited a website, seen a link that looked promising, clicked it… and then realized it didn’t work? You know that broken links are a letdown for you as a visitor, so why would you want YOUR visitors to experience that problem on your site?

But broken links do more than discourage people from using your site.

They actually affect things like:

- SEO ranking
- Bounce rate
- Search engine crawling

Your SEO ranking is determined by things like keywords, load time - and yes! - internal and external links. If you don’t have links that work, you may notbe on the first page of Google any time soon and you’ll certainly let down visitors. Your bounce rate shows many people leave your site after only visiting one page - you want a low bounce rate and high traffic for all of your pages!

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